Raw Material

Shrimp head is a low-cost, rich, natural protein resource that has not yet been effectively exploited in Vietnam. VNF is currently collaborating strategically with local shrimp producers to secure fresh, high quality raw material sources.

Shrimp production volume in Vietnam

  • Shrimp volume in Vietnam is forecasted to increase sharply to 800,000 tons in 2020
  • Of which 25-30% of that increased volume will be shrimp by-products

Total shrimp head volume in Mekong Delta

  • Total usable shrimp head volume in Mekong Delta is more than 100,000 tons and could increase to more than 170,000 tons in 2020
  • This is a rich source of protein which could be exploited profitability in feed production
Building a complete supply chain

VNF prioritizes in maintaining high quality within the entire production process, from the procurement of raw materials, to transportation, production, and storage.

  • 100% fresh raw materials from seafood factories
  • Refrigerated storage rooms/trucks ensure preservation requirements
  • All finished products/byproducts are collected via a conveyor system to ensure hygiene and reduce losses
  • All materials/vehicles/containers are washed carefully with a hydraulic hose system
  • The entire process follows international standards, such as ISO, HACCP, and GMP
  • QA/QC monitors and checks quality on sight and via production logs
  • The checkpoints are established to allow for early detection of damage. All damages or errors in production, especially when relating to quality, must be reported immediately to management
  • All finished products are also tested independently after production and periodically tested during storage
  Raw materials Distribution Processing QA/QC Storega
Degree of risk in terms of quality
Degree of risk in terms of quality
Ability to control quality
Ability to control quality
Scope of tests
Scope of tests
  • Preservation
  • Hygiene of delivery area
  • Compliance with delivery and handling process
  • Sealing
  • Shipping time
  • Preservation
  • Hygiene of vehicles and containers
  • Product freshness when storing
  • Raw materials meeting input requirements
  • Compliance with production processes and food safety
  • Production logs
  • Temperature and time of storage
  • Product homogeneity during storage
  • Compliance with warehousing and storage requirements
  • Preservation
  • Hygiene of delivery area
  • Compliance with delivery and handling process
Testing method
Testing method

Visual testing

Sample testing

Testing with hand tools

Scientific testing in labs