💡 “Chitosan Can Save Millions of Lives!” – Stephen Hawking, one of the brightest minds of our time, lauds the hemostatic capabilities of chitosan. Among the 3 most abundant and attention-grabbing biopolymers (cellulose, chitosan, alginate), chitosan has sparked the most curiosity within the scientific community. It is also the only biopolymer with dedicated associations such as the European Chitin Society and The Korean/Japanese/ Taiwanese Society for Chitin and Chitosan.

🎊 2023 is a pivotal year for VNF, marking our first time participating in the 2 biggest events in the chitosan world: European Chitin Chitosan Symposium (EUCHIS) in Iceland and Asia Pacific Chitin Chitosan Symposium (APCCS) in South Korea.

At these events, VNF’s team oficially interacts with leading experts and scientists worldwide in the chitosan field. We are excited to access to the latest chitosan research & application updates, while sharing our experiences in the production and application development of chitosan from shrimp by-products.

🔦 During APCCS 2023, our CEO, Loc Phan delivered a speech outlining VNF’s chitin/chitosan biotechnological approach with zero-waste production mindset. This industrial perspective garnered impressive attention from the audience. Shrimp by-products are considered the most abundant source for chitosan compared to other raw material sources. Our holistic valorization approach (extracting chitin/chitosan at the same time with other nutrients such as: protein, astaxanthin…) allows us to produce high quantity and stable quality chitosan with competitive price in a environmentally friendly and sustainable way. (In July 2023, VNF won “The most innovative solution” award at the Global Shrimp Summit https://lnkd.in/gCP-uk8M).

VNF aspires to create a common platform that coordinates the scientists, industrial players, and investors to develop chitosan applications in order to build up the chitosan industry together. As mentioned in Mr. Loc Phan’s speech, VNF is willing to provide free chitosan samples for scientific projects (at the lab scale with a reasonable quantity) worldwide.

📊 Additionally, Van Ty Tran on behalf of our Project team (with Long-Dinh Tran & Bách Nguyễn) from our Applications Development Department presented a poster on using chitosan from shrimp co-products to reduce antibiotics and fungicides in agriculture (a circular economy solution). This idea was highly appraised, earning VNF’s poster a first-place award for the poster session.

🙏 Our special thanks to Prof Ghislain David, Prof Huyn Jin Park and Prof Nguyen Minh Hiep for helping us with the trips.

🙏 And thank you to everyone who has been supporting us on this exciting journey of chitosan developments. We look forward to more collaborations and more successful and sustainable practices ahead! 🚀🌿