NOW AND THEN: Reflecting on VNF’s Young Talents Journey

Today (Nov 2nd, 2023) a remarkable moment happens in the music world as everyone eagerly anticipates the release of The Beatles’ last song “Now and Then” after a 45-year journey. This poignant track features all four members of the legendary band The Beatles and pays homage to their iconic musical legacy. This release is a chance for world-wide fans to relive the band’s timeless music and to hear John Lennon’s distinctive and mesmerizing voice again. It’s so astonishing how a band can withstand the test of time and still capture the hearts of countless fans.

In this same spirit, VNF reflects on its “Now and Then” journey through the growth and development of its talent resources. Our success is a collective effort, especially with the contributions of many young talents. VNF is pleased to have them as a part of our growth and is delighted to be a part of their growth journey as well. Just in the last 1 year, VNF received the good news from 5 of our young talents, being admitted to renowned universities and programs around the world.

Besides being a bioscience company, VNF is also an incubator helping young talents to GO GLOBAL by giving them the chance to: 🌱

👁️ EXPOSE: Our young talents were exposed to various tasks, challenges, customers, and even high-level managers.

🌟 EXPLORE: With such exposure, they explored their capabilities, talents, and even weaknesses, finding their path to growth.

🧠 EXPAND: Combining exposure and exploration, they broadened their mindsets, enhanced skills, and accumulated knowledge.

Throughout, our young talents always had the guidance, orientation, and encouragement from dedicated senior levels, helping them define their career, and NOW:

🌎 EXTEND: They earned scholarships, studied at renowned universities, and proudly shared VNF’s shrimp co-products story as they spread their wings.

Join us in reflecting on the “Now and Then” journeys of our young talents Marcus LeTed Ngoc PhanHanh Le NgocLong-Dinh TranTu Hoang Nguyen Tran as they shine on the global stage in the attached photos. 🌠📸.