VNF & Partners – CF Chem bring Authentic & Sustainable Shrimp-Derived Delicacy to the world of our beloved PET

🔥 Exciting news for pet parents! 🐶🐱 VNF is thrilled to bring an unique twist to PET’s dining menu with our shrimp-derived delicacy! 🍤🍽️

🌟In 27th October, VNF Team was excited to co-join the Pet Fair SE Asia with CF Chem Team to promote our Shrimp Peptides, Chitosan and Natural Astaxanthin to the Pet Food & Care market.

🌟It was truly amazing to see how the market is continuously evolving to meet the needs of both pets and their loving parents. Among all the brilliant ideas and products we came across, we strongly believe that our Shrimp-derived ingredients 🍤 are unique and innovative solutions that have the potential to bring a healthy, yummy, and eco-friendly lifestyle to our beloved pets and their owners 🐶🐱

🌟We all know that shrimp is a prized delicacy for us humans – irresistibly delicious and packed with essential nutrients. But have you ever wondered why it’s not the main source of nutrients for our beloved pets (unlike fish, poultry, or beef)? 🤔 Well, limited supply, high costs, and lack of bio-processing technologies to extract nutrients might be some of the reasons holding us back.

📣 With VNF’s bio-technological approach in upcycling shrimp co-products, we can say goodbye to all these concerns! We believe, with Shrimp Peptides, Chitosan and Natural Astaxanthin, our beloved pets in the modern lifestyle will enjoy: unique dining experience (shrimp and its umami flavor is much loved by cats and dogs), happy and healthy life (less protein allergies aka “hypoallergenic”, highly absorbable, diverse nutrient profile, gut support, anti-oxidant, immune booster, toxins binding…), particularly for Senior pets!

🌎 Last but not least, Shrimp-derived nutrients offer numerous advantages in terms of sustainability and environmental impact (renewable, upcycled protein, lower emissions, natural solutions)… supporting a greener & happier Earth 🌱

🚀 Our furry companions deserve nothing but the best when it comes to their health, emotion and taste buds with VNF’s Shrimp-derived nutrients. With its novel presence in the market, we believe any brand who’s soon to embrace our solutions will have absolute pioneering advantage in the market!

🙏 On our pathway to bring Shrimp-derived nutrients to pet’s dining menu, we truly thank our partners and customers who believe and welcome our novel products. Especially, our heartfelt thanks to CF Chem Team for supporting us conquering Thailand market anywhere, anytime. 

🐾 And for now… what are you waiting for? Let’s bring the best to your pet with our Shrimp Peptides, Chitosan & Natural Astaxanthin!