🌟 In December 2023, VNF, in partnership with IDH, signed a Letter of Cooperation with The Agency of Enterprise Development (AED) – Ministry of Planning and Investment – and USAID’s Improving Private Sector Competitiveness (IPSC) to kick-start a breakthrough project of shrimp molting shells collection and valorization.
💡 The pilot project has set 4 main targets:

1️⃣ Collect the otherwise discarded shrimp molting shells;
2️⃣ Develop extraction technology for molting shells;
3️⃣ Valorize into agricultural bio-solutions (i.e., bio-stimulant, disease/stress resistance, soil amendment, etc.);
4️⃣ Expand VNF/IDH’s current system to support farmers towards more sustainable farming practices.
Once successful, it can be considered a strong precedent to roll out the model to widespread the impact on a larger scale.

🦐 Shrimp molting shells have recently been a critical environment burden, especially for intensive farming since molting shells must have been syphoned out daily. Without proper & comprehensive treatment, farmers have no better choice but to discard this large amount of waste directly into the environment. Therefore, this project’s core purpose is to help farmers dealing with this issue in a more sustainable way.
 In addition, this one-stone-killing-many-birds project will support: 

🌱 For farmers: build resilience & inclusive business as well as enhance the competitive advantages for farmers & other regional small and growing businesses (SGBs).
🌱 For the agricultural sector: provide bio-solutions to reduce over-reliance on chemicals, inorganic fertilizers & pesticides, aiming for circular economy & more sustainable development of the sector.

Thank you Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam (MPI), USAIDDự án Tăng cường năng lực cạnh tranh khu vực tư nhân VN (IPSC), IDH and Mr. Trevor Hublin, Mr. Mark Birnbaum, Mr. Trung Nguyen, Ms. Huong Trinh, Ms. Thuy Nguyen, Mr. Pham Minh Tu, Mr. Thong Ba for all your efforts to make this meaningful collaboration happen. We look forward to a fruitful project ahead & further long-term impact for the agricultural sector in Vietnam 😊