Vietnam Food at the Ca Mau Shrimp Festival 2023

🤝 The Shrimp Festival 2023 was held for the first time in Ca Mau, one of the capitals of the shrimp industry in Vietnam. This event held cultural, economic, and touristic significance, serving as an affirmation and celebration of the shrimp farming industry intertwined with nature, ecology, and deeply rooted traditional Vietnamese culture. The theme “Ca Mau Shrimp – Proud of the Vietnamese Brand” expressed the pride and aspiration to elevate Vietnamese Shrimp to a new pinnacle.
🏭 Located in Ca Mau province and having undergone 10 years of establishment and development, VNF understands the industry’s strong upward transformation. VNF is particularly proud to contribute to the splendid success of this event. Moreover, VNF had the honor of welcoming Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and the government delegates at our booth.
📅 The Shrimp Festival officially concluded on December 13rd, 2023. VNF would like to express profound gratitude to our valued customers and partners who visited our booth and contributed to the success of this event:
🌟 +300 Visitors to the booth
🌟 +50 Visitors interested in VNF and scheduled post-exhibition discussions
📢 VNF representatives also delivered a speech on “TECHNOLOGY IN HANDLING SHRIMP INDUSTRY BY-PRODUCTS PROMOTES ECONOMIC CIRCULATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.” The speech garnered much attention for its practical solution addressing the “shrimp by-product chain,” creating value-added, multi-functional products while minimizing greenhouse gas effects in agriculture—a pressing issue not only in Vietnam but also worldwide 🌏.
💗 We hope that our esteemed customers and partners had an interesting experience and gained valuable information about VNF’s outstanding solutions in various fields: Livestock 🐷🐓and Aquaculture 🐟🦐, Horticulture 🌱🌾, Food 🍜🍤, and other industries 🐱 💊 🌎.
🙏 Once again, VNF sincerely thanks our valued customers and partners for supporting us on this journey. We commit to continue developing and spreading our values to build a better world 💞.