📺 VNF has kicked off 2024 with a “highlight” by featuring in National Television’s program “The Highlights of 2023”. This is a highly anticipated year-end program that reviews standout “highlights” across the country’s key sectors.

♻️ One of the most discussed highlights is “Green Economy – Carbon Reduction” aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050 as pledged at COP26. While clean energy is typically associated with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it only accounts for 55% of Vietnam’s Net Zero target. The remaining 45% requires circular economic solutions from various industries, with Agriculture playing a indispensable role due to its significant contribution to CH4 and N2O emissions (they have hundreds of times higher warming impact than CO2).

🦐 VNF’s story is a role model of circular economic solutions that reduce carbon emissions and add values to Agriculture. For the very first time, shrimp by-products have a “circular life”, serving as inputs for many industries. Nothing goes to waste!
🦐 According to a sustainable agriculture NGO’s estimation, the production of 1 kg of shrimp emits ~7.46 kg of CO2 equivalent. However, with a by-product recovery and valorization model, emissions can be reduced by up to 46% (~4.01 kg CO2 equivalent per 1 kg of shrimp). This reduction is important as many countries are considering carbon emission taxes on imports, posing a challenge to Vietnam’s shrimp industry’s cost competitiveness (compared to Ecuador and India).

🌟 We has ended 2023 with significant “Green Economy” milestones and look forward to a promising 2024. On this journey, VNF is grateful for the motivation and support of partners, customers, and suppliers in our pursue of “green development”. For a brighter and more sustainable future!

📺 Watch “The Highlights of 2023” full program on VTV1: