On Tuesday December 21, 2021 last week, we hosted our first ever online Webinar “Astaxanthin – the Red Miracle from Nature”. As a new comer to the long-standing Astaxanthin market, we were very glad (and also proud) to have received immense interest from audience from all over the world.

In this 2-hour Astaxanthin tour, we unfolded Astaxanthin’s superpower secrets, applications and market.

  • Astaxanthin introduction and superpowers: We went back to Astaxanthin’s origin in the food chain to understand the root cause of its very antioxidant capacity, and along the way surprised our audience with some interesting Astaxanthin facts.
  • In “Mission possible” (Yes, we are a big fan of Tom Cruise): We uncovered Astaxanthin’s benefits in different living species from Pets, Aqua, Livestock, and Poultry. I bet Astaxanthin supplements and snacks for pets must be selling well this festive session after our Webinar!
  • Astaxanthin market overview: We looked at the Astaxanthin supply and how VNF’s NaturXanthin could complement the current market needs. We also guilt-tripped our audience knowing that ~65-95% Astaxanthin in shrimp is actually in the shrimp by-products (surely not the meat bought from supermarket)

In the Panel Discussion, we were (pretty much like in a marathon) trying to answer as many as possible questions sent to us (but only able to address ~30%, the rest will be addressed via email. Additionally, we had the 1-on-1 sessions after the Webinar for those interested in having a private discussion with the guest speakers or VNF.

For the first ever online Webinar, we were thrilled withmany positive and constructive feedbacks on the content and organization (despite some unexpected technical issues from the beginning). We were also surprised to receive a lot of product inquiries. There proves to be a high demand for a sustainable and cost-competitive supply of Natural Astaxanthin for expanded applications! With that, we are determined to have the first large-scale batch ready in January, then the product registration, and hopefully its debut around February (after the traditional Tet Holiday in Vietnam). Stay tuned for more updates!

As a last word, we would like to express our gratitude to all audiences for your interest and participation. Your presence and encouragement strongly inspire us to keep moving forward. Also, a big thank to our Guest Speakers Prof. Hung Le (Lê Thanh Hùng) and Prof. Phuong Ngo (Ngô Hồng Phượng) from Nong Long University  and the whole Organizing Team (we are so proud of you – the Fast and Furious Squad!) to have put together this Astaxanthin webinar – the 100% VNF-made webinar from scratch. At VNF, we put our heart (and of course brain) in everything we do. “Dare to do” and “Strive for Excellence” have been our motto and spirit. Just like the Astaxanthin project, we turn every Mission Impossible POSSIBLE!