The Chitin/Chitosan industry has recently received many great news:

  • On October 21st, 2021, the French Government sponsored 14 million Euros for Alpha Chitin to build a Chitin/Chitosan factory from by-products in Lacq, France. [1]
  • On October 26th, 2021, Novochizol SA (Swiss) company announced its cooperation with Pittsburgh University (USA) to study the unique application of Chitosan using nanotechnology in COVID-19 prevention and treatment. If successful, functional Nanochitosan can be formulated as a drug carrier for protein, nucleic acids and, virus…) and control the release of these agents to target living tissues [2].
  • On September 17th, 2019, the ERDC (Engineering Research & Development Center) of the U.S Army received patent for method of recycling chitosan and graphene oxide compound for water purification purposes [3]. Chitosan is highly compatible and eco-friendly, bringing in added values for Graphene – the 2010 Nobel prize winning material.

These pieces amongst thousands of Chitosan news and projects demonstrate a worldwide trend in: (i) valorising by-products, (ii) applying green materials in which Chitosan is a prime example, (iii) developing circular economy.

That French government invested in the Chitin/Chitosan industry despite not being a leader in the by-products raw material sector, and that developed countries (such as the USA and Switzerland) are driving novel applications from Chitin/Chitosan-based materials are testaments to Chitin/Chitosan’s and their breakthrough application’s high potentials.

Application-wise, the last 10 years have seen a rapid increase of Chitin/Chitosan-related patents, contributing to roughly 50% of the total Chitin/Chitosan-related patents ever! This focus on Chitosan application development drives the industry as a whole, with projected 13.8%/year CAGR during the 2020-2027 period.

VNF as an active player in Chitosan market

VNF is proudly and consistently ranked amongst the leading global Chitin/ Chitosan players in diverse global market reports, being the only Vietnam representative in this Chitosan world map.

Welcoming the positive recent movements of the market, VNF has been investing in the Chitosan segment aiming to maintain its leading position. VNF has not only expanded Chitosan production scale and refined its zero-waste production model but also developed technology to diversify product portfolio and applications.

VNF is now in partnership with leading players to uncover and expand Chitosan across a broad range of industries. VNF’s current collaborative projects include Chitosan in animal feed, agriculture, pet industry, water treatment, bioplastics, and focus to penetrate the food and pharmaceutical industry.

VNF is both a strategic ingredient supplier and R&D partner, offering the capacity to customize upstream materials and jointly develop downstream products with customers to deliver added value to the community.