The 4th wave of the Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam has undoubtedly been the most challenging. Economic activity was almost put at a standstill. Some considered it an obstacle. However, at VNF took it as an opportunity to strengthen our employee’s knowledge and skills through training – ready for a resounding comeback when the Covid-19 situation improved.

Amongst the 6 training courses conducted during this 4-month working from home, the “Critical Thinking & Consulting Techniques” Course lasted the longest, was the most intensive, and yet attracted the highest number of participants from all departments (Sales, R&D, Project, Finance, HR, etc.) and even our external partners.

During this online training course, participants learned how to generate innovative ideas and convert these raw thoughts into an attractive and knowledgeable presentation. Different consulting techniques such as 5WHYs, 5W1H, Reverse thinking, Mind mapping, MECE, Placeholding, and Framework etc., were introduced to enable participants to better brainstorm, connect the dots, and build a compelling story. Those techniques were delivered interactively with different individual and team activities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of job background, could understand and apply. Online training also helped promote team bonding, which was particularly crucial during the social distancing of Covid-19 complete lockdown.

Another driving success factor, perhaps, lies in the training’s practicality and relevance. We already see the improvement of the work quality from our employees. Moreover, the knowledge and skills gained in this course could even be applied in their daily lives: we need MECE to figure out what we will eat for dinner tonight, don’t we?

Last but not least, a big thank you to our Strategy Team for this 100% “VNF-made” course. They are the brains behind all the well-prepared course materials, diverse online activities and, yes, lots of homework! In addition, the Strategy team placed immense effort to turn the standard 3-hour workshops (previously offered to our partners before Covid-19) into a 30-hour long course.

With VNF’s “Dare to do” and “Strive for excellence” spirit embodied in each employee, the participants took initiatives and proactive thinking to the training. Everyone stepped out of their comfort zone to learn and apply this new mindset and way of thinking. Geared with this trained workforce, VNF will thrive in the “new normal” situation for years to come!