Chitosan is produced by further deacetylation of chitin.

Chitosan is a biodegradable, biocompatible, and non-toxic biopolymer with established applications and widespread advantages in an unlimited number of industries.

Its extraordinary properties include antibacterial, antioxidant, regenerating/ film-forming, fat-trapping, chelating/bonding... thus enabling chitosan already be used in many industries (including agriculture, food, cosmetics/skincare, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.).

Given its strong bioactivity effects and diverse applications, Chitosan and its derivatives possess great potential in becoming a leading ‘green & sustainable’ solution for many of the world’s industries.


Whether you’re searching for Chitosan to boost anti-microbial activity, replace bio-packaging, as a plant protection booster, or any of the below industries, VNF’s team of Biopolymers experts are here to help you determine the optimal Biopolymers product


VNF is currently one of the leading Chitosan producers in Vietnam, as well as one of the top 8 largest and leading Chitosan producers in the world
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Large supply, Consistent quality, Ensured traceability

Currently, VNF has 2 processing factories (located in Ca Mau province and Hau Giang province) providing large-scale supply of Chitin and Chitosan.

Both factories have implemented highly stringent quality control systems at all stages from receiving raw materials to production of the finished products – achieving transparent traceability and conforming to international quality standards, including ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, HALAL.

Biotechnological zero-waste production mindset,
enabling cost control & environmentally-friendly practices

Based on the foundation of a biotechnological zero-waste mindset, VNF has continuously and successfully developed the proprietary production model to achieve optimal value extraction, reduce inputs, and minimize waste output.

VNF is proud to be both a pioneer and Vietnam’s leading shrimp co-products processor capable of reducing approximately 60% resources consumption in Chitin/Chitosan production.

R&D capability to develop new products & customize Chitosan specifications according to your end-user requirements


With strong emphasis on biotechnological advances stemming from R&D, VNF has made significant investments to building a highly driven and experienced R&D team, including collaborating with diverse scientific experts as well as prominent research partners in the global chitosan industry.