Strategic Partnership Agreement: JBIChem and VNF

Mr. Roy Lim – Managing Director of JBChem; Mr. Ikehara Kiyoshi – Vice General Director of VNF and Madame Le Thuy Huong – Chairwoman of VNF

Vietnam Food JSC (VNF) and JBI Chem Vinahealth Biochemical Co. Ltd. (or Viet Khang in Vietnamese name) a member of the international consortium JB Chem, signed strategic partnership agreement in August 24, 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Two parties has been working together for years before entering 5-year-strategic-partnership agreement.

VNF, the largest seafood by-product producer and chitin producer in Vietnam, established the business in Mekong Delta since early 2010s. VNF with largest capacity and extended expertise in processing shrimp shells, has been known as the most reputable by-product producers to any seafood exporting companies in Mekong Delta.

Viet Khang is a member of JB Chem, one of the largest glucosamine producer for global market with clients from the United States, Japan, Europe. Viet Khang operates a glucosamine factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam since early 2010s.

The strategic partnership will establish the largest, most stable and most competitive chitin-glucosamine supply chain in the world. It will not only bring value to Viet Khang and VNF by completing the supply chain for glucosamine but also to customers, clients and other stakeholders who joining value chain for sustainable development in the future.

Source: VNF’s Communications Office