VNF participated in training at the Novozymes Research Institute in Beijing

From March 9th to 11th, 2017, the VNF team attended a training session at Novozymes Research Institute in Beijing with the company’s strategic partners Nha Trang University and Brenntag Company

The training objective is to provide knowledge about the significant impact of enzyme during hydrolyzing on protein materials. In fact, during the process of breaking down protein into amino acid, enzymes enable protein chain to be divided more accurately and efficiently. That increases the level of nutrition contained in final products as well as reduces the time of hydrolyzing.  As a result, the gradual shift from the application of (inorganic) chemicals such as HCl to organic enzymes in production is a common trend among companies with sustainable development in the world.

After the training, VNF Board of management expressed their determination and strong desire to continuously learn to apply enzyme technology into the production.