VNF Received a Patent for its Shrimp Soluble Extract Production Process from the Ministry of Science and Technology

Coming up with the idea of gathering and recycling seafood by-products, VNF is the first (and only) company that offers value-added products from shrimp by-products on the market.

The Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE) is produced using an innovative technology production process. After its launch on the market, the product has been able to occupy a prominent position in the Vietnam feed product sector.

Utility solution patent for SSE products

After a period of research, assessment and experiment, VNF was granted a monopoly patent on its SSE production process by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This patent not only marks the success of VNF in researching and positioning its product, but it also acknowledges VNF’s innovation on the issue of seafood processing by-products.