VNF receives the award for “the major products of ca mau” by the ministry of industry and trade

On the morning of November 29th, 2017 in Ca Mau, to promote enterprises development and country ‘s economic growth, the Ministry of Industry and Trade honoured two products by Vietnam Food Joint Stock Company (VNF): shrimp hydrolysis (SSE), used in livestock feed and chitin, the main raw material used in glucosamine production in the pharmaceutical industry. This award is a recognition by the government for the outstanding performance of VNF compared to other companies in the aquatic by-products sector.

Ca Mau Representative product certificate of VNF

Rather than focusing solely on processing shrimp shell or shrimp residual protein, VNF is now the pioncering company in the world that invested in R&D to process both the protein and the shell. With its superior technology, VNF can significantly reduce production costs and maximize output value, thereby creating a sustainable competitive advantage and ensure its position as a world’s top producer of chitin