VNF with major Feed Companies partnered with Nha Trang University to host the conference for “Shrimp Diseases & Preventive Measures”

On July 5th, 2017 at Nha Trang University, VNF together with other companies in the feed industry such as Uni President, Sheng Long,… co-sponsored the event, and shared their own experience of dealing with diseased shrimps and discuss about preventive measures.

At the conference, VNF’s two products namely Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE) and Squid Soluble Hydrolysate (SSH) were evaluated and acknowledged by industry experts for their positive impact on shrimps’ growth. SSE and SSH not only enhance nutrition content in shrimps’ diet but also increase shrimps’ immunity against diseases and survival rate.

VNF’s sample table
VNF received souvenir

To VNF, the conference (aside from being an opportunity to advertise the company’s products) was a chance to receive valuable feedback from industry experts. The company will strongly utilize this feedback to refine and develop its products