Production system

The entire production process is organized professionally, conforming to the quality standard systems of pharmaceutical manufacturers. QA & QC supervise and control the quality throughout the manufacturing process based on strict international standards to ensure product quality and safety for human and animal consumption.

Our Production Process

Our Certificates

Production capacity

Two factories in Ca Mau and Hau Giang:

  • Ca Mau factory: area of 40,000 m2
  • Hau Giang factory: area of 10,000 m2


  • 40,000 tons of materials per year
  • Projected to increase 2-3 times in 2016-2021

The factory in Hau Giang will be especially built to connect to the Minh Phu factory. Raw materials will be transported directly from Minh Phu via a closed conveyor belt to VNF’s production process, thus minimizing production time, quality risks, and increasing efficiency.