Neovia Group visit VNF Ca Mau & Hau Giang factories

In May of 2018, NEOVIA Group visited the VNF Hau Giang and Camau factories to discuss opportunities of future potential collaboration.

NEOVIA Group is a multi-billion-euro conglomerate with brands in Complete Feed, Pet Care to Laboratory Analysis.  In Vietnam, Neovia provides a complete, holistic solution for the fishery farming industry (shrimp and fish).  Further, Neovia has R&D centres across the world dedicated to research “innovative science to feed mankind”.

After touring production facilities and watching first-hand the process of collecting raw materials, VNF demonstrated how the “Zero-waste” model ties everything together.

The discussion continued on the following day at Nevoia’s BernAqua office in Ho Chi Minh City.  Many potential opportunities for collaboration were proposed such as enzymatically hydrolyzed shrimp protein as a functional feed additive (low molecular weight and high astaxanthin content) and chitosan to raise non-specific immunity (potentially an alternative to anti-biotics).

VNF and Neovia have remained in communication to explore other exciting projects.