Food Ingredients is our relatively new segment (compared to more long-standing BioNutrients and BioPolymers). Having built a diverse portfolio of shrimp-based Food Ingredients (that won us the 2019 Fi Future of Nutrition!) and put the Food-grade factory into stable operation, we are now focusing on application development and sales. While we do carry out these two on our own, we also set up multiteral partnership so as to bring more values to more people and in a faster manner!

📅 And that, we are happy to share that on 28th March 2022, VNF signed an MoU with Nagase, and Takesho on the DEVELOPMENT & DISTRIBUTION OF SEAFOOD-BASED INGREDIENTS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY.

♦ NAGASE is a global biochemical and food solution provider with a presence in 28 countries and an extensive network of quality partners. Nagase has strong R&D capabilities and specialization in enzymes, aromas, flavors, and nutrient premixes.

♦ TAKESHO is a Niigata-based wholesaler of food ingredients, packaging materials, and lab equipment. Takesho is also involved in the development and sales of blended seasonings, pre-mixed products, “care foods” and provides R&D and manufacturing services.

🤝 Under the MoU, all parties aim to offer authentic, natural, READY-TO-USE seafood ingredients and in the long-term health functional compounds, to serve the rise of the ‘health-conscious consumer’ and food convenience demands.

🤝 Our objectives are two-fold: 1) develop new food/ supplement products from VNF’s existing product portfolio: peptide, shrimp powder, astaxanthin, chitosan…, and 2) explore opportunities to set up new sales & distributions channels (within the partnership or with new partners) and to penetrate new geographical markets for our jointly developed products and the current products from VNF.

🤝 Also, this will “set the ball rolling” for more collaborations with other leading food ingredients suppliers and distributors worldwide, thereby offering food supply access to more people and helping alleviate food security concerns worldwide.

🎯 For VNF, this partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to elevate ‘ingredients from shrimp by-products’ into premium food products and beyond.