Strategic cooperation between VNF and MienTrung Institute for Scientific Research (MISR) for sustainable agricultural development

📅 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. On March 18, 2022, VNF and MienTrung Institute for Scientific Research (MISR) signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on DEVELOPING SOLUTIONS/PRODUCTS FROM SHRIMP PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE, CHITOSAN AND ASTAXANTHIN FROM SHRIMP CO-PRODUCTS.


🔬 MienTrung Institute for Scientific Research (MISR), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, specializes in research and application development for various fields, including agriculture, forestry, environment, chemical technology and biological technology. Significantly, MISR has conducted many studies on Chitosan’s application for disease treatment in Black pepper, post-harvest preservation, water treatment…


🤝  With strong foundations in raw materials and large-scale production, VNF has grown to drive application development to boost product value. Thus, cooperation with MISR is a natural fit and will promote the advantages of both parties. In the short term, VNF and MISR aim to develop solutions to tackle urgent problems in cultivation and animal husbandry. In the long term, both parties’ work will expand to environmental treatment and other industries.


🌏  Sustainable growth requires the development of eco-friendly technologies & application solutions aligned to market demand. Sharing the same values and sustainable goals, VNF and MISR will together offer innovative values to many agro-industrial sectors in Vietnam. And furthermore, deliver Vietnamese products made by Vietnamese people to help the world.