Year of The Tiger – Strong like a Fighter!

🌸 Lunar New Year- the beginning of the lunisolar year calendar- is the time for family gatherings, ancestor reminiscence, self-reflection, and new resolution making.

🐯 Each year carries its symbolic zodiac, which signifies a year’s worth of distinct expectations. This upcoming year – The Year of the Tiger – will be about making big changes: a year of risk and adventure taking and full of energy, just like the Tiger.

🎆 That’s also VNF’s spirit for the coming Lunar New year: Year of the Tiger – strong like Fighter. We will keep striving like a Fighter with the Tiger’s spirit and morality to follow our vision and run with our biggest dreams that we can make big impacts on the society, one shrimp shell and head at one time. We will keep on creating the new added values while simultaneously saving the environment. From Food Ingredients, Bio-Nutrients, Bio-Polymers, and now Natural Astaxanthin, our goal is to create a long-term business model that benefits our partners, people, and the environment.

🧧 As the Lunar New Year is coming, we would like to express our gratitude to those who have been supporting VNF in every step of the way. We wish you health, prosperity and joyous moments this Lunar New Year.

🪁 “Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new”. A year has nearly elapsed with many things happening. And now we welcome the new year. 2022 is soon to come, may myriad things go according to your will.