VNF and Takesho Partner to Bring Natural Shrimp Flavor to the Japanese Market

🦐 In the past 5 years, SHRIMP flavor has constantly been in the top of consumers’ favorite flavors. Besides, after the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers also pay more attention to health, so the use of “ORIGINAL” products is also more concerned. VNF, the first and only Asian enterprise to be honored at the Food Ingredients Global 2019 in Paris – France at the category of “Future of Nutrition” (For information about the Fi Global Award: , bringing a set of “NATURAL SHRIMP Flavor” solutions to the food industry.
🤝🏻 Along with the “Go Global” strategy, VNF has appointed Takesho Food & Ingredients to be VNF’s distribution agent in the Japanese market for food application. We are delighted to announce that on May 25, 2023, at VNF Hau Giang Factory, a signing ceremony was organized, initiating the distribution cooperation between VNF and Takesho Food & Ingredients. This is a significant turning point that marks a memorable milestone, following the success of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by VNF with Nagase and Takesho Food & Ingredients for a strategic alliance in the development of food/supplementary products from VNF’s existing product portfolio on March 28, 2022 (Cooperation information on March 28, 2022:
🥇 Takesho Food & Ingredients (represented by Chairman Mr. Toshinao Tanaka) was established in 1960 as a trading enterprise based in Niigata. The company specializes in providing raw materials, packaging materials, laboratory equipment, … and is conducting a research project related to the topic ” Science of Deliciousness” in the food industry. With the corporate philosophy of “food bouquet” along with a core of expertise and experience in R&D, Takesho is involved not only in product development and manufacturing of seasonings and “care foods” but also in providing R&D services and contract manufacturing.
🔥 As the concern of Mr. Toshinao Tanaka during his youth, “one day I can do something related to Vietnam” and until today, he has brought Takesho Vietnam one step closer to the goal of building and developing the “Mekong Delta Food Valley”, along with VNF’s mission in solving “the burden” of the shrimp industry’s “by-products” and protecting the environment.
🎉 VNF believes that the promising development cooperation between VNF and Takesho not only enhances the value of products for both domestic and international consumers, but also extends globally in terms of new approaches to harnessing the potential of shrimp by-products’ applications in the food industry and simultaneously promoting environmental sustainability and circular economic development.