VNF and Takesho: Sustaining the future together at HI Japan 2023

📢 On our “GO GLOBAL” journey, we are very honored to have many partners who share the same vision of curating sustainable values for the future. 

🎌 In Japan, we have Takesho Food & Ingredients as VNF’s distribution agent in the Japanese market for food application. Takesho was a long-established, R&D-driven company in formulating and manufacturing seasonings and “care foods”. VNF and Takesho have been working actively to bring the solution of upcycled shrimp-derived ingredients from Mekong Delta to high-value products in Japanese market. 

⭐ During our trip to Japan last week, VNF had the opportunity to visit Takesho’s headquarter and manufacturing facility. We were highly impressed by Takesho’s stringent & meticulous operation and quality control in each product line 💯.

⭐ Furthermore, we are grateful that Takesho trusted our products and dedicated their booth at HI Japan 2023 (October 04-06) only to promote shrimp-derived seasonings. VNF has strongly supported Takesho team and were excited to see many potential prospects from the event. We also got the chance to introduce Takesho our long-standing friends and partners, with the hope that our collaboration will continue to sustain in the future.

🥇 Our heartfelt thanks to the hospitality of Tanaka-san and Takesho team. Likewise, VNF will always assist our partner in their value-creation journey in anywhere, anytime✨.

🥇 Join us on this journey & let’s sustain together!