VNF was awarded “Top 3 Vietnam ESG Initiative” and “Pioneering Enterprise” from USAID

🌱 In recent years, the Agricultural sector in Vietnam has had to cope with several critical issues: excessive dependence on imported ingredients, leading to a lack of control over supply and prices; overuse of chemicals resulting in residues in finished products and adverse effects on consumer health; low usage efficiency; and environmental pollution. In order to maintain competitiveness and sustainability in significance, the Agricultural sector promptly needs sustainable cultivation and increased utilization of domestic resources.

🌟 With the desire to contribute to our home country’s Agriculture sector, VNF is always dedicated to researching and developing suitable bio-solutions, focusing on reducing dependence on depleting natural resources, minimizing chemical usage, and reducing environmental emissions, aiming for a circular – inclusive – sustainable development model.

🌟 Thanks to VNF’s efforts and contributions to the entire industry, on October 13, 2023, at the forum “Pioneering Entrepreneurial Spirit, Fostering a Sustainable Vietnam” organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID):
πŸ† VNF was honored to be chosen as the Top 3 winners of the 2023 Vietnam ESG Initiative competition for its sustainable business model and its creation of added value for the community and the environment.Β 
πŸ† VNF is also one of the 22 Vietnamese Pioneering Enterprises receiving assistance from the “Pioneering Enterprise Support Package” to enhance market integration and deep participation in the global supply chain.

🌱 With recognition and support from domestic and international organizations, VNF is highly motivated to continue its innovative journey, bringing new and sustainable values to the community.