VNF Presents “Enhancing Farming Efficiency Solutions” at the Technical Seminars – VIETSTOCK 2023 and AQUACULTURE VIETNAM 2023

🌟 From October 11th to 13th, VNF had the honor of hosting two sessions at the Technical Seminars of the VIETSTOCK 2023 and AQUACULTURE VIETNAM 2023 exhibitions, during which we introduced solutions aimed at improving animal farming efficiency, decreasing reliance on imported raw materials, minimizing chemical usage, and reducing environmental emissions. 

🔥 With the theme of the Vietnamese Livestock & Aquaculture sector “Surmounting Crises – Achieving Prosperous Development” and adapting to global changes, VNF has introduced a new generation of biological solutions – Peptides, Chitosan, and Astaxanthin – all extracted from shrimp co-products and applicable in animal farming and aquaculture.

(1)   Peptide Solutions – a specialized hydrolyzed protein source. Peptides have proven successful across all growth stages of swine, reducing fishmeal in the formula by 50%-100% while maintaining Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) and Weight Gain (WG). In Aquaculture 🐠🦐, Peptides have been effectively used for most major species in Vietnam, particularly in terms of attractability, growth stimulation, and reduced fishmeal use in the feed formula.

(2)   Chitosan & Astaxanthin Solutions – activating the immune system, reducing stress, and comprehensively supporting animal health. In shrimp & fish, these solutions increase survival rates by 10-50%, improve growth, and enhance meat quality (color and shelf life).

(3)   After nearly a decade of development, VNF has completed a wide range of products, including quality standards, usage guidelines, and trials that prove their effectiveness. Currently, VNF’s product solutions have been successfully applied to over 30 animal species at various growth stages, and are trusted by more than 60 domestic and international partners.

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🌟 Through these 2 seminar sessions, VNF has received significant attention, engagement, and positive feedback from our esteemed partner. The trust and collaboration of our partners serve as a great motivation for VNF to continue our journey of innovation, product development, and new applications, contributing to the sustainable and circular development of Vietnam’s animal farming and aquaculture industries.