🌟 After the signing ceremony with USAIDMinistry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam (MPI/AED), and Dự án Tăng cường năng lực cạnh tranh khu vực tư nhân VN (IPSC) for the implementation of Upcycling Shrimp Molting Shells Project, Vietnam Food (VNF) and IDH began connecting and surveying farming cooperatives through various approaches.

🌟 On December 26, VNF & IDH introduced this Project directly to Shrimp Processors and Farming Cooperatives in Ca Mau and Bac Lieu through a workshop on “Trends in international shrimp export markets and carbon emissions reduction, social responsibility, and adaptive route to new technical barriers for the shrimp industry”, organized by the Vietnam Sustainable Shrimp Alliance (VSSA). 
As a result, the Project has attracted great interest and participation agreement from various farming cooperatives, proving this is indeed an urgent issue that should be addressed.

🌟 Farming cooperatives participating in the Project will receive support on:
      💡Handling techniques to preserve molting shells’ quality and minimize pollution impact
      💡Application of low-emission ingredients while still ensuring farming efficiency 
      💡Transition to more sustainable farming for international markets’ requirements
 🔊 For interested SGBs, farming cooperatives, and households in the solutions for shrimp molting shells valorization:
    📞 Please leave a comment below for VNF to contact!
    📞 Please contact Ms. An Nguyen (VNF’s project coordinator – Phone 0866451888)!
    📞 If you are in Ca Mau, please contact Mr. Huynh (VSSA’s general secretary) for more guidance!

 🔊 The workshop “Trends in international shrimp export markets” aimed to disseminate new global market regulations (such as carbon taxes, emissions reduction, sustainable values, social responsibility, etc.) so that SGBs can timely adapt and improve their competitive capacity. See more at:
📰 Thuy san Viet Nam:  
📰 CTV – Reporting video:

Once again, VNF would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Lê Văn Sử, Mr. Châu Công Bằng, Mr. Lê Đình Huynh, Mr. Nguyễn Bá Thông (Thong Ba) for your enthusiastic support to This Molting Shells Project and for the opportunity to introduce it at the workshop. Hopefully, we will have more meaningful events like this in the future 😊.