VNF establishes a Research Center to promote the application research and product development

In June 2017, VNF officially established the Research & Development (R&D) center in Ho Chi Minh City under the management of Mr. Cao Bang Phong. Mr. Phong is a researcher with more than 15 years of experience specializing in food industry and used to manage the R&D department of ACECOOK –a leading manufacturer in the food industry in Vietnam

VNF’s research center

On a 200m2 site with advanced research equipment, when the R&D center was first established, its main function was to research and develop natural food products. Since then, the center has also discovered many in-depth solutions and applied new technologies into production activities of VNF in other fields such as FEED and pharmaceuticals.

The establishment of the R&D center once again demonstrates VNF’s determination of continuously adding more value and developing new products from shrimp by-products. Furthermore, this also sends a message to the company’s potential partners that, besides providing raw materials, VNF also has the capability and is ready to cooperate in the field of product and technology development while providing technical consultancy  to customers.