VNF launching the new livestock feed generation. Objective: to have economic efficiency in parallel with our feeding efficiency

Being a manufacturer of protein extraction from seafood and with our desire to constantly create innovative products with high efficiency; VNF successfully tested a new attractant, made from fresh shrimp shells hcalled SSE (SHRIMP SOLUBLE EXTRACT). This is a natural protein-rich product for the livestock feed industry.

After weeks of testing on farm animals, we have come to the conclusion which brought many positive elements.

Conclusion on efficiency of shrimp soluble extract (SSE) on productivity of pigs

Increase the input food quantity for pig from 8% to 16%.

Increase the usage efficiency of pig food from 4.51% to 11.89%.

Increase pig daily weigh gain from 16.89% to 31.79%.

Decrease diarrhea in baby pig.

Reduce 0.87% to 9.49% feed costs per kg weight gain of pig.

Recommend use SSE with 2.25% – 6.75% in food for pigs 60-100 day-old.

Conclusion on the experiment of using shrimp soluble extract (SSE) in Tilapia

No use of fish powder in tilapia feeding results in the lowest weight gain, lowest feed consumption efficiency.

Spraying or mixing 2% Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE)  into feed for tilapia gives weight gain result, feeding conversion rate equivalent to using 5% fish powder.

Mixing 2% Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE) has 5% alive rate more than using 5% fish powder.

Using 2% hydrolyzed shrimp extract in tilapia feed can replace 5%-fish powder without affecting growth, feeding conversion rate and saves VND 300-400 per kg of feed.

Conclusion on experiment of shrimp soluble extract (SSE) on Catfish

Catfish is omnivorous and the commercial food formula for this fish still contains 5% fishmeal. The decrease in use of fishmeal, however, is prioritized due to the unstable quality and relatively-high price of fishmeal.

Using SSE (2%) in fishmeal helps reducing completely fishmeal without harming growth and food effectiveness. Besides, it does not change the fillet color into yellow as many people worry.

* Illustration image for the experiment of SSE impacts on Catfish

The color of fish fillets after experiment has no difference between ones using SSE (2%) and others. Therefore, using 2% SSE in fishmeal does not change the fillet’s color into yellow as many people worry that Astaxanthin in SSE would change the fillet’s color