A major milestone for chitosan-based antimicrobial bioplastics

We all know the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to wreak havoc on human health and the global economy. But unlike other industries, the pandemic had a favorable impact on Antimicrobial Bioplastics by increasing its demand. Antimicrobial bioplastics are biopolymers infused with antimicrobial agents or additives to limit damaging microorganisms’ growth (bacteria, viruses, fungi) on its surface.

From the first COVID-19 outbreak, antimicrobial bioplastics catapulted into the spotlight. The pandemic proliferated unprecedented demand for antimicrobial bioplastics in the medical and healthcare sector, such as in the fabrication of hospital beds and ventilators. And although industry operations were limited, plastic is an embedded, omnipresent material in end-use sectors, including packaging, construction, automotive, and most consumer goods.

You may think cutting down on plastic consumption excludes you from the above, but in reality, COVID-19 connects the necessity for Antimicrobial Bioplastics in every person’s life. Despite social distancing, face masks, and strict sanitation measures, it is impossible to keep every surface consistently sterile. There is an undeniable need for a natural self-cleansing property that will neutralize the surface from contaminant pathogens, reduce further spread, and effectively safeguard our health.

Hence, the development and use of Antimicrobial bioplastics are expected to grow parallel to rising concerns for health and cleanliness.

At our core, VNF is a leading shrimp co-products processor valorizing a (previously discarded) raw materials source along a ‘zero-waste production mindset’ – ultimately alleviating environmental burden. But as a fundamentally biotechnological company, VNF’s mission and collaborative efforts have never strayed from wanting to sustain our world and communities to empower a better future.

Some of you may remember our exciting bioplastic project announcement: “On November 3, 2020, in Hanoi, Vietnam, VNF signed an official MOU with An Phat Holdings (APH) and Itochu Corporation on the co-production and distribution of compostable products derived from Chitosan.” ( We are ecstatic to announce that this cooperation with An Phat (the leading bioplastic player in Vietnam) has yielded very positive initial results, in which, the chitosan bioplastic films exhibited significant reduction of bacterial growth on surfaces compared to the standard bioplastic without chitosan added.

With these results, we are motivated to keep marching on in the global bioplastics industry. As the leading Chitosan producer and bioplastic player, we are confident that Chitosan bioplastic will play a significant role in reducing microbial contamination and surface transmission fears so that we all may inch more confidently towards a cleaner, post-pandemic life.