All we want for Christmas is… ASTAXANTHIN

? Drop your socks and grab your crocs; it’s about to get wild here. 

??‍♂️ We are thrilled to learn that our previous Astaxanthin sneak peeks attracted so much interest from the readers. There are demands for more!

? In honour of VNF’s newest family member – ‘ASTAXANTHIN‘ – we are launching a 9-part Astaxanthin series to satisfy our curious readers and keep the momentum “passionate and red”. You will be amazed by what this pinkish-red material can do as we uncover Astaxanthin’s origin, holy ‘superpowers’, and versatile applications for all living beings. 

❗️First astaxanthin batch complete by the end of 2021 and fully commercialized by Jan 2022

? Stay tuned for our first Astaxanthin chapter!