Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE) – 2018 Certificate for Regional Representative Agricultural/Industrial Products

On August 22th, 2018 VNF was honored to receive the 2018 Certificate for Regional Representative Agricultural/Industrial Products by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. This is the second time VNF’s Shrimp Soluble Extract (SSE) has received this award, with its success being attributed to its valuable applications in the feed industry and advantageous efficiency for farmers

Shrimp soluble Extract (SSE) has been recognized for its superiority compared to other products in the market due to numerous reasons.  For instance, SSE not only  stimulates animals’ appetites to increase consumption, but will also accelerate growth, decrease the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), lower stress levels, and increase survival rate. Based on studies by Novozymes, SSE’s low molecular weight (Over 90% under 500 Dalton) is also directly linked to increased immunity levels in animals, thereby leading to increased profit margins and economic efficiencies for farmers

Receiving this accolade is not only a reflection of VNF’s constant endeavors to improve the quality of their products, but it has also served to motivate VNF’s team to continue developing innovative products that will meet domestic and international needs

                                                                                                             Source: VNF